September 3, 2019

Five reasons why theatre is still important

Whether you prefer Broadway theatre in New York or theatre shows in Las Vegas, Theatre is simply a nurturing fine art at its purest. As much as there is a larger audience for film which is also a visual experience and treat to the eyes, theatre lovers will always know the difference. It makes available a real or imagined event through a wide array of expressions, gestures, massive lights ,sound and vibes that people are ready to pay a huge lot to see. They say art is the only salvation from the horror that is existence. This is exactly why theatre is a widely loved form of art. Theatre can transport one from reality, even if it is just for a short while.

There are several reasons as to why one should engage in practicing or enjoying an art form. Here are five pointers that remind of us of the importance of Theatre

1.Theatre is therapeutic.

Theatre can offer life-changing experiences. Being a forum where one can indulge in a lot of self-expression, theatre allows for a form of liberation that people yearn for. There is a slice of comfort that art forms such a theatre gracefully gives away, letting one be self – aware.

2.Theatre is an educational ordeal

Many pieces that are performed are excavations of culture and history pertaining to a particular era or an iconic character from back in the day. Theatre has been proven to be one of the most interesting ways to introduces historical and cultural themes.

3.Theatre brings people to unite.

For artists, theatre puts ourselves in pockets of emotional and intellectual stimulation that may not never exist in the daily lives of many of them. Theatre gives power to truth, to new diverse expressions. Being exposed to this as a community garners a sense of unity amongst the people. It allows people to be vulnerable or even strong in situations that they wouldn’t have had access to.

4.Theatre gives us a sense of belonging.

The emotions felt during a theatre experience are shared completely by both the audience and the performers. This sort of intimacy cannot be experienced Movies or even television fails to participate in the same intimacy. Human connection is celebrated in theatre.

5.Theatre accentuates student performance.

It has been proven on several occasions that students who participate in theatre perform better in their academics. This can be attributed to the mind space and well-being that theatre gives to anyone participating in it, thereby facilitating sharper thinking.

Theatre is essential, it is the expression of what can be called the basic human need. Living in the shell of another character that is completely separate from oneself, projecting stories onto an audience and coming together as a community to listen to each other, forming one of the oldest societies that humans have made. Theatre is a part of what makes us the human beings that we are.





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